On-line artist's resources:

  • The place for showcasing science-fiction and fantasy art.
  • Slantville A great site/home for illustrators of all types!
  • On-line artists:

  • Jeff Doten Very nice fantasy & science fiction art with an emphasis on pulp sci-fi, a la Barsoom. A content heavy site with a lot of beautiful work.
  • Jean-Pierre Targete The extraordinary artwork of Jean-Pierre Targete, whose art graces many book covers you're probably familiar with.
  • Steve Lawton A wonderful illustrator, specializing in storyboarding, comic art and some of the tastiest ink and marker work on the North American continent.
  • Cari Buziak Truly lovely celtic art for sale. She also has tutorials on celtic knotwork.
  • Illustrations by Schey. A fantastic artist who specializes in animals (though she's perfectly capable of doing just about everything else!)
  • Karen Forkish Beautiful, vibrant, glowing illustrations. Also does graphic design and java. (Site is java-only, so keep that in mind.)
  • Fonts:

  • Blambot Fonts Site of the most excellent on-line Flamshod comic book, Blambot comic fonts and featuring Lint McCree's Mysteries (This guy does for Superheroes what Raymond Chandler did for Hollywood.)
  • Other Sites:

  • Silk Road Trading Company My other obsession - handmade soaps, sugar scrubs and path powders, using the finest in fair-trade and ethical ingredients.
  • Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Home of some of the most equisite and unusual perfumes to be found anywhere.
  • Black Phoenix Trading Post Official suppliers of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab merchandise, including shirts designed by yours truly and soaps made by Silk Road Trading Company.